Janelle Monae Strokes Conan’s Hair & Talks Rooting for Atlanta Falcons at Diddy’s Super Bowl Party


On Monday night (Feb. 6), Janelle Monae visited Conan to celebrate her Oscar-nominated films Moonlight and Hidden Figures. Despite recently flourishing in the acting world, the R&B songstress revealed that at a young age, she knew that music was her calling.

“When I was probably five, or I don’t even know how old I was, my aunt used to take me to church with her. There was a moment when our pastor was just so in the spirit and felt the Holy Spirit,” she recalled, before channeling young Monae and belting out a snippet of Michael Jackson’s 1983 Hot 100 chart-topper “Beat It.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Atlanta rep revealed that she spent her Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5) at Diddy’s party. The singer — who was signed by the Bad Boy mogul in 2007 — credited him for her successful music career. Despite the Atlanta Falcons losing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in a nail-biter at Houston’s NRG Stadium, Monae showed confidence in the possibility of her team returning to the big game next year. “We have a young team and I think we’re gonna do it again next year,” she said.

Janelle Monae photographed Oct. 4 at Tijuana Picnic in New York.

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O’Brien and Monae also spoke about her eclectic taste in hair. Known for her boisterous hairstyles, Monae touched on her numerous looks, while complementing Conan on his pompadour. “Oh yeah. It’s not a lace front,” she joked while running her fingers through his orange coif.

Watch her Conan interview below.

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