Murs Proclaims ‘God Bless Kanye West’ on New Single Tackling Mental Illness: Listen

By all appearances, Kanye West has been making strides since he was hospitalized last November amidst what seemed publicly to be a psychiatric breakdown. Now Murs is drawing strength from West’s episode on a new song “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West).”

“God bless Kanye West and every other brother of color that’s under stress/ They want to make you feel like you are less, even though you didn’t make it gotta deal with this mess,” the Living Legends rapper repeats on the new track’s chorus.

The release of “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)” is timely, as it lines up with West’s Yeezus Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday (Feb. 15) — West’s first major event since his hospitalization.Inspired by the mogul’s depression, the new single uses vivid description to take on the persona of a young man whose life is overcome by gang violence.

Will Fashion Finally Take Kanye West Seriously?
The chorus rings with inspiration and assurance to those dealing with mental health, particularly in the black community, encouraging them to seek help and “remember that you are blessed/ It’s because God loves us that he puts us to the test.”

Murs’ 10th studio album Captain California is set for release on March 10.

Listen to “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)” here:

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