Aaron Carter Attacked at Concert After Being Accused of Racial Slur


Aaron Carter was attacked by the opening act at his concert who says the singer made a racial slur against him. The altercation ended with Carter going to the emergency room.

Carter was performing at the Loony Bin in Bradley, Ill., Friday night (Feb. 17) when a member from the opening act, ILL State, began grabbing mobile phones from fans in the crowd and filming Carter on stage, TMZ reports.

The singer noticed the disturbance and reportedly had his security remove the musician. As the man was being dragged out, Carter said, “Bye Felipe,” a take on “Bye Felicia.” The musician, a Hispanic, reportedly rushed back into the venue and attacked Carter, also damaging his equipment.

Carter responded to the incident on Twitter Saturday morning, assuring fans that he is not a racist. “News flash my band consists of three amazing black funk musicians and an Italian guitar player from Italy,” he wrote.

Authorities are investigating the attack, according to TMZ. Watch the fight below.

Billboard Watch: The Patch


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