David Bowie Lightning Bolt Statue Fails to Reach Crowd-Funding Goal


Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
David Bowie performs onstage during his “Ziggy Stardust” era in 1973.

South London will not be getting a three-story lighting bold statue to memorialize David Bowie after all.

Last month, a crowd-funding campaign was launched to raise £900,000 to erect the “ZiggyZag” sculpture near the rock icon’s birthplace. But now, sadly, the campaign has ended and the goal was not reached, as fans raised just around £50,000 of the total amount and none of the funds will be taken.

Still, organizers say they hope to create an alternate “appropriate piece of public art.”

“Of course, £50,000 doesn‘t go anywhere near realising the ambitions of the ZiggyZag,” said a statement on the Crowd Funder campaign page. “We are still determined to celebrate David Bowie, in Brixton, with a challenging and appropriate piece of public art. We’re just going to have to approach the fundraising in a different way.”

The statement continued, “Along the way, we’ve learned a hell of a lot. And we’ll be able to plough that learning back into the project, and return with a ZiggyZag #2 that’s even better (and hopefully a bit cheaper)…. If someone had told us a year ago that we’d raise 50 grand from nearly 700 wonderful people in just three weeks we wouldn’t have believed it possible. Thank you from the bottom of our Bowie-obsessed hearts for supporting us.”

Watch a video of the proposed structure here:

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